Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a popular technique for measuring service levels in your organization. We have mystery shoppers all over Southern Africa. As soon as they have completed a mystery shop, they phone into our call centre, where trained operators capture the results onto our CATI (computer aided telephone interviewing) system. The reports are verified by a supervisor and sent through to you and your branch within hours of the visit.

Telephone Interviewing

We have a custom built CATI (computer aided telephone interviewing) system which allows us to do telephone interviewing quickly and efficiently. The software automatically routes the operator to the correct questions depending on how the interview goes. The screens can be set up in any language.

Email Surveys

Email surveys to the general public are not very useful anymore because of the amount of spam mail. However an email to internal staff is still a very fast and cost effective way to conduct a survey. The survey can either be HTML embedded into the email, an attachment or a link to a web page.

Reporting tools

We have developed a number of spreadsheet based tools for viewing research data. These allow you to interrogate data & pull cross-tabulated results directly into charts and even create tables of results on the fly.

These tools are especially useful when you have a large distribution list, or are working with time series data.

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